5 innovative ways to improve your employer branding

As a business, you always want to hire the best people. And you are doing many things to improve your employer branding, like improving your culture, positioning your company as a fun place to work, being transparent etc.

But are these enough? No, especially if you are a small or mid sized business. Huge companies are doing all these at a larger scale. They are capable of reaching more people through social media, can spend millions on advertisements, build a dedicated team for this etc.

5 innovative ways to improve employee branding

The only way you can keep up with them is by thinking differently. So, here are 5 innovative ways for you to improve your employer branding.

1. Bring in an element of diversity to your hiring

Diversity is becoming more important than ever, especially in the US and European countries. And as a business, not giving importance to diversity can lead to disastrous results. Uber’s investors attacking the company owing to lack of diversity back in 2017 is a classic example of such. So make sure your employees are an even mix of representation from various sectors of the society.

Diversity could be in the form of gender, disability, caste, color, religion, sexual orientation, out of which gender diversity is seen as most important today.

Now, how does this help to improve employer branding?



According to Glassdoor, 67 percent of candidates want to join a diverse team. You definitely need to position yourself as an organization that promotes a diverse culture, if you need to get the right people for your business. So, if you do not have a diverse workforce yet, start your efforts today to build one.

2. Go to premier institutions

The credentials of your employees is a significant factor when it comes to building a good employer brand. That’s why consulting giants like McKinsey and BCG hire their people from premier B-schools and institutes.

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Hiring from the top institutes tells others that you only have the best talent in your company. It would also give a message that top talent prefer to work for you. And this would encourage more candidates to apply to your firm.

Now large companies can easily afford such expensive resources. What if you are a small business?

In this case, what you can do is, hire fewer number of people, and try to hire from as many institutes as you can. Instead of hiring 20 from one, make it 4 each from 5 campuses. This makes your employee credentials look much better. Even though you are hiring in lesser numbers, you can still say you have people from the Harvards and Stanfords of the world.

You can use this as a tool to attract new talent. Gradually over time, you would be known as an employer who hires only the best talent.

3. Use current employees for your branding

Wouldn’t you trust an employer more if its current employees are highly satisfied with their jobs? Many companies use their senior leaders to urge people to join them. Even though this does help in attracting a few candidates, the outside world doesn’t get to see what the lower level employees feel about the company and its work culture.

And that’s why you need to get your managerial level – or even lower level – employees to speak for you. Their testimonials could be in the form of text, videos, or even an audio clip. Use all your online presence and digital marketing techniques to promote them. Include the best of them in your website. You can also share them with the third party recruitment agencies – if any – that you are working with.

4. Conduct free training events to attract talent

Trainings are different from conferences. They are used to prepare people for actual on the ground work. Now how can they help in improving employer brand?

Trainings help in the following ways:

  • Collect details of the attendees through a paper or online form
  • Establish yourself as an expert in the areas you are conducting the training
  • Conduct contest and identify the most suited candidates for your company
  • Attract more people towards your company by showcasing the charisma and abilities of your leaders and employees

You need not restrict these training sessions to pure training. You can leverage them to indirectly pitch the benefits of working in your company to the attendees.

For example, during any of the sessions, talk about how your company invests time and money in improving the skills of your employees, thereby providing them with endless opportunities for learning and development. Here you are indirectly attracting the attendees of the training to join your firm.

5. Always give choices to your employees and candidates

Giving choices to employees makes a lot of difference. It could be in terms of roles & responsibilities, job location, working hours, method of working etc. We all like choosing from many options, rather than being constrained by one or two. So, wherever possible, give your employees the liberty to choose. Like, when you ask somebody to change their role, give atleast two options for them to choose from.

The same applies to your candidates as well. When you interview them, offer some flexibility in picking their roles, location or other particulars.

Doing all these will make you more popular among job aspirants. There is a high possibility that your current employees recommend your company to their friends and peers. This will help improve your employer brand without having to make any additional investment.

But giving too many choices might not be always practical. At times, you have only a limited number of roles for a given number of people. So what do you do in such cases?

One way to tackle this is by offering a choice in the near future. Or you can put in place flexible work policies (such as a work from home) instead of giving a choice. You can also incentivize employees or candidates by offering them more quality work than a transactional job.

So that wraps up my top 5 innovative ways to improve your employer branding. Try these out in your business, and you shall start seeing positive results in a matter of a few weeks. Or are you already using some of these techniques in your business? Let me know in the comments section.

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