5 digital marketing techniques to grow your business

The web is a gold mine for businesses, especially for new ones to acquire customers, establish a brand, promote products, do market research and much more.

When you are thinking about applying digital marketing to your business, tens and thousands of others are doing the same. So you need to approach it systematically.

The intention of this article is to help you kick start your digital campaigns by providing the right direction. I am going to quote relevant references throughout the article, which you can use for further reading.

So as I said, there are millions of businesses out there. And it’s hard to stand out. Why do you think the Neil Patels and Brian Deans of the world are successful with their digital marketing techniques? Two reasons – time & effort, and consistency.

The point is, these 5 online techniques are not going to get you a zillion customers overnight. You have to stay patient and put your time into this.

So here we go

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There is a ton of content on Search Engine Optimization online. Simply put, it refers to the steps you need to take to help your website or blog stand out in the billion ones out there.


But why SEO?

Did you know Google (or any other search engine like bing) takes time to recognize that your site exists? That is one of the main reasons why SEO is important.


Also if you want to generate significant organic traffic to your website, you need to appear on the first page on Google. To accomplish this, you need SEO.

But how to do it? SEO doesn’t rely on one method. It is a combination of various techniques such as content optimization, backlink creation,technical optimization etc. To help you understand more about SEO, and how to apply that to your website or business, have a look at the following resources

Relevant resources

2. Content marketing

In content marketing, you make use of your website, blogs, newsletters, email marketing etc. to reach your prospects and expand your business. Technically speaking, SEO and social media marketing are types of content marketing. I have kept them as separate headers as they are vast enough to be addressed separately.

Content marketing

Blogging is an effective way to generate targeted traffic to your website. You can write about trending or evergreen topics. Quality content along with proper promotion will give you the desired results. You can use web based platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Medium etc to launch your blog. To learn more about starting a blog, have a look at 10 steps: how to start a blog.

Email marketing is a powerful tool to bring new customers to your business. To learn more about email marketing, have a look at A Beginner’s Guide to Successful Email Marketing.

3. Social media marketing

No online promotion is complete without leveraging the wide audience social media offer. The best strategy when it comes to social media marketing is to ‘become the master of 2 or 3’ than to ‘be the jack of all’.

Social media

Trying to be everywhere will not let you focus and reap maximum benefits out of social media marketing. So see where your prospects spend the most amount of time. Also if you are good at doing promotion in any particular platform, then use that. Because, in social media marketing, your skills and execution are equally important as the media you choose.

Relevant resources

4. Communities

If executed the right way, community or forum marketing can help you grow your business exponentially. There are 3 ways in which you can utilize community marketing:

  • Use global communities like Quora or Answers.com.
  • Use communities in your niche. For example, if you are a company that sells Microsoft services, you can use Microsoft Forums.
  • Create your own community: This involves building your own community grounds up. It takes more effort and investment than the other two methods. But once built, it can help you generate significant amount of business.
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5. Data oriented marketing

The world today revolves around data. Apart from businesses, other entities such as sports clubs, political parties, governments etc also utilize data to make logical decisions and enhance credibility.

Big data

As a business, you can use data to target your promotion and outreach to the right prospect. For example, social media user analysis will help you gauge the interests of its users. Basis this, you can push targeted advertisements towards users who might be interested in your product or service.

There are companies that sell data and provide professional services around that to help you do better prospecting. IQVIA, one of the largest data providers in the healthcare sector is an example.

Data availability is not a challenge today. And with the advent of big data and tools to analyze it, making sense out of data has become easier than ever. You can use tools like Apache Hadoop, RapidMiner, Cassandra etc to consume, store and analyze data.

Each of the above 5 techniques is an ocean in itself, and requires further reading. I urge you to study these more to develop a better understanding.

I have discussed 5 of my favorite digital marketing techniques here. What’s your favorite? Share it in the comments section.

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