What ideas from sales can you use to improve your daily life

This is very subjective and I am sure different people will have different views. I have put some thought into this before I wrote this, as I did not want to make cliche statements.

This short article is written for a quick read for those who wish to understand how sales skills can help in your daily life. 

I believe you can apply your ideas, experience and exposure from sales in your life at three levels – behavior, communication and judgement. Let us look at each of these separately:

Ideas from sales you can apply to daily life


1. Behavior

Everyone would like to impress others through their behavior and mannerisms. Think about how you would behave in a typical business/sales meeting. Well spoken, well dressed, polite and patient. Extend this to your daily life as well. Just like you need to be empathetic with a customer, show empathy towards your family, friends and colleagues. In a business meeting, you attempt to help a customer fulfill their needs. In a similar way, help people around you in need, and do it not just for today, but for as long as you live.

Also, in when you do sales, staying positive helps to a great extent. You can do that in your daily life as well. Be positive in whatever you do, and spread that positive energy to people around you as well. 

2. Communication

Does communication mean ‘well spoken’ to you? Well it’s much more. Other qualities of good communication include good articulation, clarity of thought and last but not the least, not hurting anybody with your words. In sales, you wouldn’t say anything your customer doesn’t like, would you? Similarly, in real life ensure you don’t disturb others with your words. Make it a habit to talk less and convey more and be clear about what you say.

Further, be clear about what you speak. Sequence your thoughts in  a logical order and articulate in a sensible way. Use communication as a tool to impress others. 


3. Judgment

I would say this is the toughest one to master. Here by judgement, I refer to your ability to judge what others are thinking. You need not necessarily be 100% accurate. You never are in a sales meeting either. Being a good judge about other’s behavior can help you in the following:

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  • Determine whether your conversation is of interest to the listeners
  • Understand what and how to speak to a specific person. This can come in handy in your social life – dating, friendship, family life etc.
  • Become and influencer: You know how Hitler or Martin Luther King influenced so many people? Because they knew what could inspire and motivate their audience. Use your judgement to gauge what would excite your listeners during your conversations.
  • Boost your confidence: This is more obvious. The more you are able to judge your listeners, better will your confidence be.
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So use your judgement abilities to your advantage. Study the people and incidents in your daily life. You can tailor your own behavior and communications based on this to make positive changes in your life. 

I am sure you all might have more views on this topic. Leave a comment to share yours. 

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