What are the dos and don’ts of customer interaction

The dos and don’t of customer interaction depend on a lot of factors such as type of customer, type of setting (formal or informal), purpose of interaction etc. However, here I will list down a few common dos and don’ts in a customer interaction that would typically be applicable to any scenario.These will help you establish a healthy relationship with your customers

This is very short article for a quick read. I usually write articles which are atleast 500 words long. But the intention of this article is to help those who are looking for a few quick tips on customer interaction. 

Dos and don'ts of customer interaction

Dos of customer interaction

  1. Be polite: Make sure you give your client the respect he deserves and always put your points in a humble fashion.
  2. Talk about something that excites him/her: If it’s a professional discussion, talk about how your product or service is different from your competition and what benefits it can provide to the his/her business.
  3. Try to open up; Share any non-confidential information about your company’s strategy. This will invoke good faith in the customer.
  4. Ask questions about customer’s business: This is something many people do not do. Asking about aspects like their vision for innovation, how much they value customer relationship in their organization, the importance of diversity and inclusion to them etc. will help to establish a cultural bond with the customer.
  5. Hospitality matters: Customers are humans and they like to be pampered. Treat them the best way you can and make sure they are comfortable throughout the interaction

Don’ts of customer interaction

  1. Don’t give too much info: Don’t just overload your customer with a ton of information. It will bore them, and they will easily lose attention.
  2. Never criticize other services or products your customer uses: Some customers are very proud about some of their service providers and products. So stay away from criticizing others in an effort to differentiate yourself.
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  1. Don’t get into personal stuff unless the customer initiates: Some customers are very professional in nature, and dislike discussing personal matters with others. So, don’t attempt to do it unless you are very sure.
  2. Don’t stop the conversation abruptly: Always conclude your conversation with something to act upon or think over.

These are just a few tips. I have tried to cover all the major aspects related to customer interaction. If you want to learn more about different customer types and how to effectively manage them, have a look at The curious case of customer relationship management’. For further reading you may also look at ’10 ways to improve your customer relationship’.

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